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The Countdown Begins

For the past couple of months, our LABUkraine team has been working to finalize and prepare everything. We have had 20 computers donated and on June 5th, worked all day to make sure all the proper software was uploaded and double checking all of our materials. Starting at around 6:30 in the morning we worked: setting up the desktops, installing Windows, updating, downloading fun and engaging STEM games, and labelling the computers. Now we that have a team that's done it before, it makes setting up the lab in Ukraine so much easier.

We have also been doing some of the fun stuff -- ordering business cards, customized keypads, and t-shirts. This sort of this has been especially exciting to me because, at sixteen, I actually have my own business cards. Making a brand, and sticking to it: variations in hats, t-shirts, is so exciting because it's something that I have built and made.

Lastly, its been very hard trying to provide materials for the orphans outside of our immediate goal. I've always struggled with the idea of actually "making a difference" and I do not want to provide the girls with a service that is useless to them when they don't have things like bedding, shoes, or carpeting.

Preparing for a project and trip like this is very difficult, but rewarding. Problems seem to pop up everywhere I turn. However, I know that next year and next time will be easier because I will have prepared everything already. We’re almost there, only about a month until we leave, and everything is starting to fall into place.



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