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2017's receiver of the PINK Award!

If some of you do not know, I attend the Madeira School. Madeira is an all girls high school in McLean, Virginia, whose tagline is “launching girls who change the world”. Every year, an Alum from my school, Katherine Kies, sponsors the PINK Award. The PINK Award (standing for Passion, Initiative, and Knowledge) is given to a girl who’s passion project or cause that encompasses all of these things. This year, I was awarded the two thousands dollars for LABUkraine because of the mix of heritage, entrepreneurship, and providing girls with opportunities in STEM. It was an almost surreal experience, being handed the giant pink check in front of the whole school, and trying not to absurdly giggle. In fact, it was very rewarding because my submission had to be thrown together in a couple of hours, a result of the fact that I wasn't given the information to submit until the day before the deadline. It was a grueling couple of hours, due to the fact that I choke up on camera, however I was finally able to complete my submission, and hey, I won!



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