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Introducing... LABUkraine

Ever since I was a child, Ukraine has been defining characteristic of my life. My mom told me stories about her childhood: attending and teaching Ukrainian School, participating in Ukrainian dance troupes, and speaking the language. All my life I’ve had this incredible love for the country and would like nothing more than to go there and make a lasting difference. Another defining characteristic of my life is my involvement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) projects in America. I am the STEM Ambassador to the Board of Women in Homeland Security (WHS), a nonprofit in Washington DC that works to provide a community and network for women in the Homeland Security fields. As a ST

EM Ambassador, I work to interest American children and students in careers in Homeland Security STEM through interactive field trips that showcase incredible STEM assets that defend The United States. These two characteristics of my life can be fused together to benefit the orphans of Ukraine who have been left behind. Therefore I am proposing a program that would allow myself, and other STEM Professionals to create computer labs for orphanages in Ukraine. Ukraine boasts the fastest growing internet availability in Europe, however overall the country is too poor to afford technology such as computers and internet for orphans in Ukraine. I would like to institute a program that would travel to Ukraine every summer for the whole month of August and build computer labs for orphanages. The program would outfit the labs with desktops, keyboards, internet, educational programs, and other necessities. The purpose would to be to introduce STEM to the children in a fun and positive way, and to get them interested in a career in the field. We would ultimately aim to in later summers have the capabilities to hold coding, engineering, or math classes for the kids that would give the children the ability and experience to build their future as well as expose them to job opportunities when they leave the orphanage.



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