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In Loving Memory & Gratitude: 

Anne Bart (Tanasychuk) 

Loving wife of Frank Bart, Mother to Connie, Lynda, Patti, Ron, and Ernie. Mrs. Bart immigrated with her family from Ukraine to Canada where she lived in Rossburn, Manitoba and Winnipeg. After her death, Mrs. Bart donated 1,500 dollars to LABUkraine. 

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Varenyky Donors  

300 -1,000 dollar donation 

Patty Todaro Bolin 

Jeff Dayton 

Elizabeth El-Nattar 

Lisa Nimick 

Tricia O'Hara 

Anne Marie O'Keefe 

Jon Ostrowski 

Andrea Stone 

Kristina Tanasichuk 



Varenyky are filled dumplings of Ukrainian origin. Typically filled with potato, meat, or fruit, they are considered the national dish. 

Holobtsi Donors 

100 - 299 dollar donation

Diane Ashley 

Tony Brubaker 

Diana Castillon 

Steve Colen 

Erica & Agnieszka Covington​

Sue Crow 

Mark Emory 

Earl & Muriel Holland 

Jeanie Kinsman 

Carolyn Muir 

David Olive

Eileen Parise 

Jodi Terhorst 

Lillian M. Trippett 

Valentina Washchuk 

Phil & Christy White 

David & Suzanne White 

Tina Williams 

Holobtsi is a cabbage roll dish consisting of cooked cabbage leaves wrapped around a variety of fillings. In Ukraine, they are commonly filled with beef. 

Borscht Donors

1-99 dollar donation 

Anonymous (2) 

Scott Bassett  

Kara Sidener 

Oksana Farber 

Mary Ann Kay

Melissa Middlesworth 

Mary Ostrowski 

David Yang 

Borscht is a hot beet soup, of Eastern European origin, typically filled with vegetables, beefstock,beef, and beets. Ukrainians serve it with smetana, or sour cream. 

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