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How to Help


This project, although supported by technology donations and out of pocket support, needs money. Costs such as transportation, renovation materials, and any sort of additional resources the children might need. Donate by clicking on the icon. 


Come with us to Ukraine in August. Let us know why you are interested, where you are from, and you can help these orphans too! Inquire here.  


The main part of this is building computers for these orphans, some have already been donated, but every bit counts. If you have any old desktops, laptops or even things like smartboards laying around, donate them here


As an add on to building the computer labs, we want to make sure the children have eveyrthing they need as well. This can include blankets, toys, books, clothing, or shoes. Donate here


Can't come with us but still want to help? You can help with spreading the word, fundraisers, gathering donations, and much more! Start here


Speak Ukrainian? Know a ton about computers? You can help by writing guides on how to using them, or translating things for the children. Let us know how you'd like to help here

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