LABUkraine is a non-profit initiative that seeks to connect orphans with a brighter future through STEM by outfitting orphanages and underprivileged schools with computer labs.

About Us

Throughout the globe, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines contribute to economic growth, higher wages, and technological advancement.  In pace, Ukraine’s technology field has been growing exponentially in the last 5 years, with technology start-ups increasing 237% from 2014-2015. However, Ukrainian universities and education institutions only graduate around 15,000 people in technology fields and interests. It is therefore increasingly important to outfit these growing technology sectors with qualified people to build the Ukrainian economy in its greatest potential growth area: technology.

LABUkraine implements a program where Ukrainian youth are introduced to STEM skills and disciplines by providing tools and instruction. LABUkraine outfits orphanages and schools with computer labs – supplying everything from the computers themselves to furniture or anything required to provide a welcoming atmosphere. The first phase of the project is to secure and outfit institutions with the equipment needs. The second phase will include annual workshops led by technologists from the United States.  LABUkraine plans to implement classes, scholarships, and “job” fairs that will expose young Ukrainians to lucrative careers in growing fields, contribute to the growing technology sector in Ukraine, improve and enhance relations between the United State and Ukraine, and provide Ukraine with a better standard of living and a better future. 

Ukraine boasts the fastest growing internet availability in Europe, however overall the country is too poor to afford technology such as computers and internet for all schools and orphanages. LABUkraine travels to Ukraine to build computer labs outfitted with desktops, keyboards, internet, educational programs, and other items as needed.We first aim to renovate/build the computer lab room. Next, we install computers loaded with STEM computer games, resources, and projects then we teach the children and teachers how to use the computers. Finally, we develop volunteer staff and Ukrainian technology network that can support the lab when we are not in-country.



This project, although supported by technology donations and out of pocket support, needs money. Costs such as transportation, renovation materials, and any sort of additional resources the children might need. Donate by clicking on the icon. 


Come with us to Ukraine. Let us know why you are interested, where you are from, and you can help these orphans too! Inquire here.  


The main part of this is building computers for these orphans, some have already been donated, but every bit counts. If you have any old desktops, laptops or even things like smartboards laying around, donate them here


As an add on to building the computer labs, we want to make sure the children have everything they need as well. This can include blankets, toys, books, clothing, or shoes. Donate here


Can't come with us but still want to help? You can help with spreading the word, fundraisers, gathering donations, and much more! Start here


Speak Ukrainian? Know a ton about computers? You can help by writing guides on how to using them, or translating things for the children. Let us know how you'd like to help here


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Tel: 571-318-7313

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